Beelden zijn auteursrechterlijk beschermd.

Baby photography


Fresh 48

Baby photography

Are you done with Anne Geddes too? With those perfect airbrushed pictures of babies dressed up as princesses or frogs? Where there are no imperfections? 

All of that perfect stuff ... Well, I'm definitely sick of it.

I won't do it!

But what do I do?


I would you like to refer you to my blog for this!


Fresh 48 hours

We plan a session around the time of birth, and I'll visit you at home or in the hospital to capture that fresh new feeling ... These sessions are casual and real, without any posing.

'Just' a baby can be very interesting to photograph!

Breastfeeding, a bath, family visits, (un)dressing or even changing a diaper; I love capturing these moments. And you may too, after reading my blog or looking at this portfolio.

Baby photography

You can do lots of things with a baby, like a home reportage, a portrait or venturing into nature with your little mowgli. 

It really doesn't matter, they are always fantastic.