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Child photographer

Fotograeve as a child photographer and mother

My calling as a child photographer originates from my motherhood. Yes, a real cliché, but in my case so very true. Quite odd really, because I didn’t care about children before. On the contrary: I would have preferred falling of a cliff over having a baby.

Until my first child was born.

What happened then, was something I didn’t see coming. My indifference towards children disappeared like a puff of smoke, and that only got ‘worse’ when my second little rebel was born.

Since then, I can’t walk past a child without smiling. A couple of years ago, I saw a child on the stairs of my daughter’s school, both her laces were undone. Without thinking I bent down and said: “Hold on, I’ll tie these for you. We don’t want you to fall down the stairs!”

‘Oh my God!’, I thought to myself.

It might sound strange, but to me, this was very confronting. It showed me how much I had changed throughout the years, and that my children are the main reason for that. Motherhood ‘softened’ me. That is an advantage sometimes, but I’m not always like that. From time to time, it can be good to show my bad-ass side. I’m also a little more vulnerable now and am touched by things that I didn’t care about before. Being patient is also something my children taught me, as it is definitely not something that comes natural to me. But I have to say: Patience is still something I can only show around children. 😉


Why I’m good at my job as a child photographer

The traits mentioned above might not be an advantage in all jobs, but they are for a photographer. My vulnerability and endless patience towards children make me able to practice child photography on a pleasant level. After all, not everyone can work with kids.

How is this put into practice?

My goal is spontaneous photography, and that is perfectly doable on location. If your child doesn’t feel like posing, then we just let him or her play around for an hour. If that still doesn’t work and your child even gets a bit upset, then we shorten the session to a smaller package. As we all know, there’s no use in trying to force something on an angry child.

In the studio, I work a little differently. It’s a small space, and that’s why I limit child photoshoots in the studio to half an hour. Your child has to keep (more) still, and for that half an hour is long enough.


Without a doubt I do newborn photography! But I don’t do this in the studio, because it doesn’t connect with my style. Newborn and baby photography take place in your home in a familiar setting and with some cosiness. So don’t worry about the lighting, a window will do. You will be surprised by how beautiful and pure newborn photography can be at home.


To be honest: Don’t ask me to fidget with your baby or to let him or sleep in an artificial position, because that doesn’t feel right to me. There are several photographers who are really good at this and who will give you the result you want.

Another honest confession: I like boogers! A tear or a laugh every now and then; that is real! If you don’t like that booger, you can wipe it off of course.


No lucky shots!

It is very important to keep this in mind when choosing a child photographer. Choose wisely between price versus quality. A professional will make sure that every image from the reportage is good enough to be framed right away. You want a reportage that is unforgettable, because children are fantastic!


Location, location, location

By now, I’ve developed a great bond with my studio, but I still prefer photography on location. Why?

  • Children are more at ease on location
  • You can capture real moments

I’m not trying to say that this is impossible in the studio, but it is simply less likely.

Some people are a bit deterred by the word ‘location’. “Where should we go??”, they ask.  You know, a location can be anywhere. Children usually do great in their ‘natural environment’, so: at home! If you have a room with a lot of natural light, that is all we need.

You can also try going for a walk in the forest. Yes, also in autumn or winter! A museum, a park or a school are also possible. Everything that pops up in your daily life.

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