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Christmas cards

Christmas photoshoot: We can’t get enough of Christmas!

(behind the scenes)

Christmas, for many people one of the most important holidays of the year. Many want to capture a special ‘Christmas moment’ every year to turn into gorgeous Christmas cards.

I like a Christmas without too much clichés. So that is what you get when you book a Christmas photoshoot with Fotograeve. Do you like how that sounds? You can always book via

Every year I organize special Christmas sessions during which I transform the studio into a true Christmas décor. These dates are annually announced on my Facebookpage at the end of August or the beginning of September. Don’t feel like a shoot in the studio? I also organize fun Christmas photoshoots on location. You can also find these dates on my Facebookpage.

Delivery of the digital images

Christmas Presents

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You can buy my cool booklets after you book a photoshoot. They are sold in sets of four copies. Starting from eight copies you get a discount. A perfect present for grandma and grandpa!

Do you prefer to give a gift card? Send a mail to

They are sent to you free of charge and have NO expiration date! They are subject to price changes, though.

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