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Who am I?

Fotograeve Kinderfotografie Gent

I have always wanted to throw myself into photography, but photography is really expensive. My parents didn’t have the budget so I was forced to do something else with my life.

I could still be my creative self by studying painting, but along the way I kind of forgot that photography was also a possibility … Somehow I always knew, in the back of my mind, that the passion for photography would take over at some point. It wasn’t until I turned 28 that I started Fotograeve as a secondary activity, one year later I totally went for it and became a fulltime photographer.

My photographs are like my paintings, and so they are quite dark. I like melancholy, light, love and even self-mockery. Sally Mann, Tim Burton, Lars von Trier and Darren Aronofsky. But also honesty, purity and serenity …

I’m an old soul, and I’ve been around the block a few times. It makes me a very positive person with a great deal of perseverance. I’m always happy and cheerful and I have a lot of patience with everyting and everyone – except for myself. 😉

An extrovert introvert, very insecure next to my confident self.

Always looking for people who see the world the way I do: beautiful, wonderful, tolerant and for everyone.

My blog is no commercial trick. It is an open diary (what a nasty word, but what else to call it?!) about what I think and feel in my photography.

I make your photographs, your memories and that’s why I think it is important for you to feel connected to who I am.

You can only let go and be yourself around someone you feel comfortable with.

And this, this is me.

Kim De Graeve. Fotograeve. Visual Storyteller. Mom of two.