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Day in the life

This is what I truly live for. That's why can see a lot of Day in the Life in my portfolio. But what does this kind of reportage entail exactly? Well, it's all about making love tangible and showing how blessed you are when you are loved. To me, that is the greatest meaning of life. That's why I've named these reportages 'intimate family reportages', because how you fill your life and how you show love for one another is very intimate.

How does it work

For a Day in the Life-reportage, I come to your home and capture your 'true selves'. This means that there will be no posing, that is strictly forbidden! You just go about your daily business. Think of chilling on the couch, going to the grocery store for some shopping, jumping on the bed with your children or some gardening; whatever you like doing together!

If you really want a posed photo, then we will plan this at the end of the session. Let me know if you want a picture like that, so there are no misunderstandings. Also tell me what moments you want to be captured so I can prepare everything in the best way possible.

Even though there is no posing, it can occur that I give some tips about the lighting. If it's really bad, I will suggest to move somewhere else. Because without good light, there can be no good photos. Light goes hand in hand with emotion and movement, so that's definitely something to keep in mind!

Furthermore, I think it is very important that you really understand the Day in the Life concept. Only then we can achieve the best result and turn the day into a successful reportage. So don't hesitate to show that you love eachother, even though it may feel a bit unusual at first with a photographer in the room. Forget that I'm around, live and enjoy like 'you've never done before'. And above all: Trust me to do my thing. ;) This way, we are a match made in heaven!

Do you want to book a family reportage? Contact me via or via the contact form. It can happen sometimes that my answer lands in your spam. So if you haven't received an answer a few days later, you can give me a call or contact me via Facebook.