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Wedding photographer Fotograeve

Still looking for a wedding photographer to capture your special day? I can help with that! It is definitely not an easy task, finding a good wedding photographer. He or she has to show your unique personalities and tell your story. Consequently, I consider it a great honor that you are visiting this page and might be considering to entrust me with this special task.

Fotograeve goes for pure spontaneity. That way, all emotions and exciting moments are captured in the most natural way possible. I only give a bit of directions during the photoshoot of the two of you and during the family photoshoot.

Your wedding photoshoot is a beautiful opportunity to capture this glorious day in an artful and emotional way. Whenever a couple gives me the chance to let my creativity run free, I am massively inspired! A normal, good photograph will not do. It’s your special day! My goal is to make photographs each of which evoke a certain feeling.

Does that sound like your cup of tea? I’m here for you. Close to Ghent as well as in the rest of Belgium and even across the Belgian borders. I am happy to come to the location of your dreams.

If possible, I prefer to start working from the moment you start prepping yourselves for the big day until one hour after the first dance. Remarkably, photoshoots during the day stand out the most; we capture every moment, and that creates a story in the photographs. You can find out more about my way of thinking and working in my blog.

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You want a wedding photographer: What now?

Before the actual photoshoot, we arrange an introductory meeting. Of course we want us to match and to go over the schedule together. It is also the perfect moment to tell me what you think is important and what you want me to focus on. The more I can prepare, the better I will be able to capture the most beautiful moments.

That is also why I ask you to please introduce yourselves when you contact me, and to tell me the style of your wedding and your location(s). The date is also an important fact!

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If you ask ten couples what expense was worth the most at their wedding, nine couples will answer: “Our wedding photographer.” Pictures last forever. Can you see yourself showing the album to your grandchildren many years from now? You will definitely still be as proud as you are today.

Feel free to make contact and meet!
looking forward to it!


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